Opening hours:

Day 1: 8:00-18:00
Day 2: 8:00-16:00

Helsinki Think Company Lounge open Day 2 / 8:30-15:00


  1. Tue25
  2. Wed26
  1. Welcome to Upgraded Life Festival 2017 - Main Stage
    Hanna Vartia - HealthSPA, Maria Nygård - HealthSPA, Raisamiina Rimpelä - HealthSPA
    Perspectives on the digital health transformation - Main Stage
    Matti Vänskä - Nokia
    Beauty of Small - Main Stage
    Samir Kapoor - Fitbit, Tarmo Virki - CoFounder Magazine
    Ecosystem Approach to Personalized Healthcare and Population Health Management - Main Stage
    Jaakko Olkkonen - Wellmo, Michael Quarshie - Wellness Foundry, Miikka Kiiski - IBM, Stefan Björkman - Etera, Todd Wiebusch - CHMG Capital, Tomi Laitinen - Negen
    Towards a Digital Health Future - Main Stage
    Roberto Ascione - Healthware International
    A Digital NHS – Are we there yet? - Main Stage
    Indra Joshi - NHS England
    Clinical Entrepreneur Program Finland - Red Stage
    Kari Kataja - TEKES, Miikka Korja - HUS
    Europe vs US in digital health - Main Stage
    Aki Koivistoinen - StartUp Health, Lauri Sippola - Netmedi, Tobias Meixner - HELIOS Kliniken
    Oncology Precision Medicine – The Industry Perspective - Red Stage
    Tarja Jalava - Bayer
    Lunch served - Exhibition area
    Redesigning Patient Care - Red Stage
    Kiti Müller - Nokia
    Collaborating with HCH for tomorrow’s healthcare - Red Stage
    Petri Lehto - MSD
    How to spur real changes – Digital vs. Face-to-Face therapeutics? - Red Stage
    Jakob Dahlberg - Arthro Therapeutics, Kaisla Joutsenniemi - HUS, Kristian Ranta - Meru Health, Satu Mäki - Carelia, Tiina Zilliacus - CherryonTop Accelerator
    A Journey in Exponential Technologies for a Better Healthcare - Main Stage
    Rafael Grossmann - Healthcare Futurist
    IBM Watson Drug Discovery Demo // In Collaboration with HCH - Main Stage
    Grant Robertson - IBM Watson
    Watson & Advanced Analytics: getting started // In Collaboration with HCH - Main Stage
    Pekka Leppänen - IBM Finland
    A look into intelligent and secure technology transforming healthcare - Main Stage
    Hanna Nikkilä - Microsoft
    How Artificial Intelligence pushes the boundaries of health care - Main Stage
    Christian Guttmann - University of New South Wales
    Data Driven Diabetes Prevention and Management - Red Stage
    Tryggvi Thorgeirsson - SidekickHealth
    Taking Digital Health into Next Level – the joint impact of AI, AR and Blockchain in improving Wellbeing and Health - Main Stage
    Pekka Sivonen - TEKES
    Software piloting in public healthcare - Red Stage
    Satu-Liisa Pauniaho - TAYS, Taavi Saviauk - Unitary Healthcare
    Why two should become one: space and health scientists need to work together before time runs out - Main Stage
    Colin Stuart - Astronomy Author
    Coffee & Snack Served - Exhibition area
    Transforming Tissue Diagnostics with Deep Learning AI - Main Stage
    Kaisa Helminen - Fimmic
    Building a Global IoT network for rehabilitation – Lessons learned - Red Stage
    Lauri Parviainen - David Health Solutions
    How to create a great customer experience in healthcare - Red Stage
    Zeynep Falay von Flittner - Hellon
    Biohacking: Using Science & Technology for Optimal Performance, Health & Wellbeing - Main Stage
    Teemu Arina - Biohacker Center
    Media in the Internet era for startups - Main Stage
    Päivi Ala-Risku - Sanoma Magazines, Paolo Borella - Vertical, Patrik Schauman - YLE, Tarmo Virki - CoFounder Magazine
    Partnering to build a global digital health leader - Main Stage
    Hans Raffauf - Clue, Toby Coppel - Mosaic Ventures
  2. Women & Healthtech Networking Breakfast
    Breakfast Served - Exhibition area
    Welcome to Day 2 by HealthSPA - Main Stage
    Hanna Vartia - HealthSPA, Maria Nygård - HealthSPA, Raisamiina Rimpelä - HealthSPA
    Welcoming Words - Red Stage
    Ana-Belén Abundio - Vertical
    Machines, Man and Medicine: Why Psychology and Sociology Are More Important than Technology - Main Stage
    Roy Smythe - Philips
    The role and impact of women in the health sector - Red Stage
    Minna Hendolin - University of Turku
    Trends to watch in healthcare startups 2017 - Main Stage
    Tero Ojanperä - Vision+
    Femtech: Trends & Opportunities - Red Stage
    Ana-Belén Abundio - Vertical, Angela Maragna - One Healthtech, Hans Raffauf - Clue, Heli Kurjanen - Lunette, Leena Niemistö - Angel Investor
    The latest innovations in healthcare - Main Stage
    Ashley Lundström - EQT Ventures, Claes Mikko Nilsen - FIBAN, Clara Leonard - Digital Health Ventures, Ekaterina Gianelli - Inventure, Toby Coppel - Mosaic Ventures, Walter Masalin - NGP
    Designing wearables for health - Red Stage
    Hanna Vartia - HealthSPA, Krista Jäntti - Reaktor, Niina Venho - Moodmetric
    From research to international market in the HCH ecosystem - Green Stage
    Risto Renkonen - AMCH
    HUS & startups – what have we done? // In Collaboration with HCH - Green Stage
    Miikka Korja - HUS
    Five things we look for when investing in digital health startups - Main Stage
    Filip Dames - Cherry Ventures
    Global Affordable Need Driven Health Alliances // In Collaboration with HCH - Green Stage
    Dr. Prashant Jha
    Health and wellness data is everywhere, so what? - Main Stage
    Antti Kangas - Nightingale, Juha Ruohonen - Superhero Capital, Juho Immonen - Mehiläinen
    SPARK Finland turning good ideas to great products // In Collaboration with HCH - Green Stage
    Pasi Sorvisto - SPARK Finland
    Vision and reality of the collaboration on cross-border patient data sharing between Estonia and Finland - Main Stage
    Ain Aaviksoo
    What we are looking for – Investing in life science and health technologies // In Collaboration with HCH - Green Stage
    Adriaan Hart de Ruijter - Cascara Ventures
    Lunch Served - Exhibition area
    Innovation through Collaboration - Main Stage
    Olaf Gerber - Bayer
    The Power of the Ring – balancing load and recovery - Main Stage
    Hannu Kinnunen - ŌURA health
    Prospects of collaboration within digital health : Global device manufacturers path to well working ecosystems - Main Stage
    Juha Villanen - Garmin
    Smart Health Pitch Competition by OP - Green Stage
    OP Financial Group
    How to Get Funding from International Foundations?
    Adequate muscle mass prolonging survival and increasing health span - Main Stage
    Juha Hulmi - University of Jyväskylä
    Enhancing mental abilities to feel well and do well - Main Stage
    Reidar Wasenius - BRIIM
    Learnings from the road: Corporate Wellness as a key factor in driving employee health - Main Stage
    Réda Attahri - Nokia Technologies
    Mental wellbeing digitally – is it possible? - Main Stage
    Mervi Lamminen - Auntie Solutions, Suna Saadetdin - Lähitapiola
    The Healthy Office Revolution - Main Stage
    Elizabeth C. Nelson
    Why great technology isn’t enough - Main Stage
    Nicholas White - Learn Adapt Build
    Children: Digitalisation, health and sports - Main Stage
    Felix Welling - VfL Wolfsburg, Juha Villanen - Muuvit Health & Learning
    The Energy Test Results And Beyond – Keep Up The Energy With Continuity And Measurability - Main Stage
    Vesa Tornberg - Laturi
    Design Award by Tieto - Main Stage

25-26 April 2017 Helsinki #ULFFI