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The Healthcare Professional’s Guide to Upgraded Life Festival

May 14 Programme, Speakers Elena Prokofyeva
Healthcare professionals - guide - to ulf

This year’s Upgraded Life Festival is offering an exciting program for medical and healthcare professionals to explore the opportunities that healthcare revolution is bringing. During two festival days, you’ll have a chance to explore how new technologies shape the future of healthcare and talk to people who are now working on the most promising innovations.

If you are new to the startup and innovation community, please, be our guest! This is your showroom of the latest innovations and solutions in health designed to make your work easier. Listen to keynotes or panels on health trends, walk through the exhibition area to see and feel the science fiction-like innovation soon available at your work.

Your presence and dialogue with the innovative companies ensures that the innovations are discussed and debated with a whole new depth and professionalism.



The Festival days are full of exciting programs: keynotes, panels and meetups. Here are some highlights that we’ve made for you. You can check the full agenda here.

Bioprinting In Space And New Possibilities In Biofabrication – 31.5

VR and AR: Redefining Human Interaction and Medical Education – 1.6.

Gut Feeling? – How Does The Wellbeing Of Your Intestines Affect Your Health As A Whole? – 31.5

The Antimicrobial Resistance Crisis – New Solutions – 1.6

Industry Under Attack – How To Ensure Medical Device Security – 1.6

The Beautiful Era of Artificial Intelligence – 1.6


We have exclusive meetups organised for you, about the application of new technologies in the clinical practice and opportunities to capitalize on your medical expertise in the health tech field.

Friday Breakfast meetup with Medical Doctors:
Integration of medicine, technology and human capabilities for the patient’s benefit

Technological advancements enable us to enhance the quality of healthcare. In this session, you will learn about applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare and novel ways of improving clinical skills by patient case virtual simulations. You will hear the speeches of Veli-Jukka Anttila, Chief of HUS Infection department and Henrik Rindell, Chief Medical Officer from IBM. Register here

From healthcare professional to successful business owner

Have you ever thought about applying your medical expertise in health tech? You will hear two stories of Arne Schlenzka, MD and CEO of Osgenic, a company improving patient safety with Virtual Reality simulation, and Mahmudul Hasan from MVision, a company using Artificial Intelligence and data to improve cancer treatment. You will also hear about the very first steps on the path to entrepreneurship from Icebreaker Venture Capital fund. Register here

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