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Join the Relay Race of Health

Feb 27 Industry Upgraded
Upgraded Life Festival - Why to join

In a relay race, the crucial part is the passing of the baton to the next runner as smoothly as possible, to secure the win for the whole team. This is a combined effort of individually strong runners but at the same time a team effort polished to perfection, that makes the passing of the baton effortless and a natural part of the run.

This year at Upgraded Life Festival, we’re inviting you to take part in the Relay Race of Health.

The Upgraded Life Festival 2018 program will provide two holistic roadmaps for the Relay Race of Health. One that explores the journey of innovations enabling long & healthy lives for individuals. The other that connects the dots for a mutually benefiting system of all actors contributing to health. After all, we are all in this together – in sickness and in health.


One lifetime, one body

The lifelong journey of an individual is supported by different solutions along the way; some supporting health, others treating diseases. This year this line of solutions is in the spotlight as a tightly knit web, or a relay race, serving the holistic view of health better than ever before.


One goal, hundreds of drivers

Win-win is passé. The future awaits solutions providing higher quality for patients and healthcare professionals, together with cost-efficiency to hospitals, municipalities and states, while allowing the business and science communities to blossom. We are after the 8*win and will not settle for less.


What are the innovative solutions allowing us to support the holistic lifelong journey of an individual? How do we create collaboration that results in a win for everyone involved?

These questions will be explored at Upgraded Life Festival 2018. Join the discussion, share your insights, and be part of passing the baton of health towards a mutual win for everyone.

Check who is coming and join us on the 31.5 – 1.6 in Meilahti, Helsinki!

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