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A wide range of highly esteemed professionals have been invited to speak at Upgraded Life Festival, all of which will be speaking about fascinating topics within the fields of healthcare, wellness, innovation and technology.

In this article we’ve compiled short introductions of some of our speakers along with their topics.


Bruce Oreck

Bruce Oreck served as the United States Ambassador to Finland from 2009 until 2015. Prior to his work at the State Department, he practiced law specializing in business and taxation and represented many of the top 100 companies in America. He has been a public speaker for over 20 years – addressing topics as diverse as creativity, envisioning the future, entrepreneurship and marketing. Currently he is an Executive in Residence at Aalto University in Helsinki focusing on business and entrepreneurship.

The topic he will be focusing on during his speech at Upgraded Life Festival is Delaying Death: Instead of delaying death, the focus should be on creating healthy lives. 


Hoa Ly

Hoa Ly is a Swedish tech entrepreneur, who earned his PhD in psychology in 2015 with the first-ever doctoral dissertation on a smartphone app for psychological treatment. Since then, Hoa has co-founded the Stockholm-based company Shim, where he and his team are building the same-named product: A chatbot that helps users take time for their mental well-being and reflect on what’s important in life.

In his speech Learnings from building an emotionally friendly chatbot he will be talking about his experience building the app Shim.


Jorrit Ebben

Jorrit Ebben is a healthcare innovation specialist and co-founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Academy Het Dorp. Trained as pharmacist, he has 10 years of experience in big pharma. In 2010 he developed an app together with patients and care professionals, which allows people with epilepsy to have access to their personal health file on their cell phone in order to get control of their disorder.

His aim is a new future in which people can live in a healthy environment by combining smart technologies such as robotics, domotics and the Internet of Things; disruptive development and patient empowerment.

Jorrits speech will focus on How to make patient included innovations successful.


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