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OuluHealth – The Ecosystem that Shapes the Future of Healthcare

Apr 26 Industry OuluHealth
A mix of modern technology, innovations and a desire to grow together

Once upon a time, there was a city in northern Finland called Oulu that became known for its tar exports and sailing ship production. Later, the city became the first technology village in the Nordic countries. A crucial point was the establishment of Oulu University. ”The wireless” became the spearhead of Oulu’s growth, culminating with the success of Nokia.

Today, Oulu is one of the leading health and ICT centres in the world, and is recognised for its high-class expertise in technologies, such as 5G, IOT, AI, VR, AR and BigData. The city is also home to the innovative OuluHealth ecosystem.


Collaboration for the benefit of citizens 

The OuluHealth ecosystem was established to strengthen collaboration between the city, universities, healthcare providers and the private sector. The main goal is to converge health and life science solutions with ICT expertise for the benefit of all citizens. The ecosystem has already generated some great results: health and life science business has grown, Oulu is in charge of several national initiatives, and new health solutions are in common use. In addition, one of OuluHealth’s strongest assets is a one-of-a-kind testing environment for product and service development, OuluHealth Labs.


A unique environment for health tech business

OuluHealth Labs is a powerful combination that enables the development of new products and services under authentic conditions, with genuine users. Innovations are tested through the entire service chain, from private homes all the way to health centres and hospitals. Oulu is the first city to test the 5G- network in the hospital environment as a part of the Future Hospital 2030 project. You can come to Oulu with an idea and leave with a ready product in your hand.

This year, Oulu’s know-how will be well-represented during the Upgraded Life Festival by health companies Nukute, Monidor, Cerenion and Laturi Corporation. Come and visit the OuluHealth stand to get to know them better. Let’s talk, and you will find out why Oulu truly is one of the best places to develop a business and follow your dreams. Sounds like utopia? Not for the inhabitants of Oulu. High technology and open minds set on innovations are part of this city’s everyday life.


Joanna Seppänen


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