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Finding the Perfect Match: A Success Story from ULF17

Apr 19 Networking, Programme Maria Jurvelius

Since its conception, Upgraded Life Festival has been designed to be a meeting place for people to find opportunities, meet new people and create useful connections for future collaborations.

Antti Harjuoja and Nicholas White – who will be leading a session at this years Upgraded Life Festival – are a testament to this. Having met at Upgraded Life Festival in 2017 through the networking tool Brella, they realised that they had very similar interests, both coming from organizations that focus on human potential, company culture, and improving work for the better.

They hit it off immediately, and the meeting lead to an international collaboration between their two organisations. Milestone in Helsinki and LAB from the Netherlands collaborate on supporting organizations locally and across borders, to explore and improve company culture.

Antti and Nicholas are similar in their approach to business; both are focused on the immense challenges arising from the aging workforce. Due to this, the topic of their session will be The Age of Employment – Addressing the Aging Workforce.

Over the next 10 years 60 million European baby boomers will retire, leaving executive positions and an experience gap in their wake. This generation is working for longer than any generation before them, and there is some debate on whether companies should invest in their development, or encourage them to retire to open up room for the patient generation Xers waiting for their promotions. LAB and Milestone will discuss the responsibilities and solutions for the next stage in the complex journey of human lives and potential, to create a new standard for the aging workforce.

Success stories like these are what we’re aiming for, and who knows – this year it could be you who meets your future partner, investor or client! Make sure to register with Brella to be able to schedule meetings with others attending Upgraded Life Festival.


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