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Dutch Solutions for Vital Citizens in a Healthy Economy

May 16 Industry, Investors, Speakers Netherlands Embassy
Shared Challenges, Smart Solutions

The Dutch are among the healthiest and happiest people in the world. In our country we have managed to realize a high life expectancy, limit the number of hospital admission days and build an accessible healthcare system, which is ranked high internationally. The Netherlands is a desired discussion partner that tackles problems in an interdisciplinary manner and thinks in terms of total solutions. These solutions we are happy to share with the rest of the world.

On many fronts the Netherlands is a role model: in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical engineering and in respect of our public-private healthcare system. There are many Dutch highlights that are known all over the world, including the excellent science that brought us the microscope, microbiology, the invention of the electrocardiogram, the artificial kidney, the heart-lung machine and the artificial heart. Oncology, medical equipment, the development of vaccines and the building of health assets are also examples of these accomplishments.


Interdisciplinary approach

We see healthcare as a chain: from science to patient. This is also the way we approach complex health issues: interdisciplinary. And this is evident in our solutions: complete, effective and coherent products and services geared to what people need. Affordable and tested by the Dutch themselves. The Netherlands regularly sets the standard along the path from knowledge to skill to new products for healthcare.

Cooperating and doing business with the Dutch Life Sciences and Health sector means investing in a win-win situation for everyone involved: citizens, companies, research institutions, investors and government, anywhere in the world.


Come and meet us at Upgraded Life Festival!

For the 4th year in a row the Netherlands Embassy is bringing Dutch companies and speakers to the Upgraded Life Festival. At the meeting point of the embassy you can meet them. We are happy to discuss cooperation possibilities and we look forward to meeting you!

These companies and speakers will be at ULF:


Philips HealthWorks is looking for innovative partners to improve patient outcomes across the health continuum. They offer entrepreneurs unrivaled access to the capabilities of a global health technology leader, from tailored funding to an outstanding network of experts, investors and healthcare partners, global innovation hubs, and a world-class, healthcare-compliant technology platform that will help them de-risk and accelerate time to revenue.

Rocco van den Berg from Philips has a very clear aim at ULF:


“I am attending ULF to find the best startups in the world that have AI solutions in radiology! This topic will be the focus for our upcoming global startup program running parallel in 4 hubs around the world. Based on earlier visits to ULF, I expect to find a lot of startups that may apply to the program. But also, I attend to (re)-connect to our Nordic startup-ecosystem partners such as hospitals, accelerators and investors with whom we can jointly accelerate healthcare innovations.”


LifeSense Group is a technology development company that develops applications for medical, health and wellbeing. With patented technology in smart textile, wearable technologies and mobile applications they turn innovations into reality.

UVisio is a personal assistant for healthy sun consumption, utilizing sensors, imaging technology and AI. The skin analysis tool in the app helps to get the right amount of sun and sun protection specific to each skin.

Uzelf supports the inhabitants of the Utrecht Region to take more control of their health. Together with the Health Hub Utrecht partners, Uzelf supports new self-management initiatives in the pre-validation phase. The self-care solutions give residents the opportunity to a happy and balanced life.

Enrichers is a neuroscience-based design studio that develops new products and services based on environmental enrichment. By creating product interaction, based on how the brain processes information, their products facilitate wellbeing, increase user satisfaction and potentially prevent health complains in the long term.


– Jorrit Ebben, Co-founder and Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, Academy Het Dorp
– Paul Pelsmaeker, Co-founder and Chairman, Stichting
– Kacy Harding, Head of Data Analytics & Connected Products, Philips


We look forward to seeing you at Upgraded Life Festival!

Venla Virkamäki

Policy Officer for Trade & Innovation at the Netherlands Embassy

Ilona Jääskeläinen-Overduin

Communications & Public Diplomacy Officer at the Netherlands Embassy






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