Relay Race of Health

This year we are building an ambitious program that provides two holistic road maps. One that explores the journey of innovations enabling long & healthy lives for individuals. The other that connects the dots for a mutually benefiting system of all actors contributing to health. After all, we are all in this together – in sickness and in health.

One lifetime, one body

The lifelong journey of an individual is supported by different solutions along the way; some supporting health, others treating diseases. This year this line of solutions is in the spotlight as a tightly knit web, or a relay race, serving the holistic view of health better than ever before.

One goal, hundreds of drivers

Win-win is passé. The future awaits solutions providing higher quality for patients and healthcare professionals, together with cost-efficiency to hospitals, municipalities and states, while allowing the business and science communities to blossom. We are after the 7*win and will not settle for less.

Stay tuned for updates!
Upgraded* reserves the right to update, change and modify the program.