About us

Upgraded Life Festival connected the innovators and powerhouses of health & wellbeing.

The premier startup-driven health innovation event in the Nordic & Baltic region

Upgraded Life Festival was the premier startup-driven health innovation event in the Nordic & Baltic region. Gathering yearly key stakeholders from the health industry, this was an event no-one from the health scene wanted to miss.

The goal of Upgraded Life Festival was to bring together the whole ecosystem to get strategic and meaningful contacts for collaboration. The festival was just the right size to meet your future partner, investor or client and to engage in a deeper discussion with them.

The festival was organised at the heart of one of the largest hospitals in Europe, in Helsinki, to encourage collaboration between startups and healthcare professionals.

As of 2019, Upgraded Life Festival will be organised no longer. Instead, Upgraded ry, has created a new kind of event with a totally different concept, Health100.

Our story

In 2012 we realised that a meeting point for the whole health ecosystem was missing. There were generic startup events and traditional health specific events, but nothing focusing on startups and innovations. We felt the need to build an event where both startups and other health industry players could meet, get insights and create the future of health together.

The target of Upgraded Life Festival became to gather startups, corporations, healthcare professionals, investors, academia and the public sector together to benefit from each other. Calling this event a Festival shows a strong will to support collaboration – uniting people and working together. If we join forces we can go much further much faster.

Organized by Upgraded

Upgraded is a non-profit association for health & wellbeing startups in Finland. Our goal is to make sure that startup innovations have an established role in the society as a source of health and wellbeing solutions. We help startups stand out by making their solutions visible and finding the right connections. No good health innovation should be lost due to the lack of knowledge about it.

We are in the business of building bridges. Startups are a part of a bigger puzzle, and we want to build the bridges between the different pieces of startups, corporates, public sector & universities. The industry thrives on cooperation and everyone will reach their goals quicker when working together.

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